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Lexa Game Balls 1.0

Lexa Game Balls is a free match-three game with colored balls (See all)
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Lexa Game Balls is a free match-three game. This game displays a small 8x8 board. Each one of its 64 squares is filled with a colored ball. You can switch adjacent balls with your mouse, in order to form vertical or horizontal (not diagonal) groups of three or more balls of the same color (you will be able to move balls only if that swap forms at least a triad). The balls in those groups will disappear from the board, and their place will be occupied by the balls that will fall from above them. Each wiped ball will score you a point, so it is advisable to form long lines, when possible.

The game ends when there are no possible movements left, so, if you cannot guess which piece you must move, you can rest assured that there are possible movements, otherwise the game would have been terminated. The game will then let you enter your name besides your score in the high scores table. You can always see which players achieved the higher scores by pressing the "Best Results" button. You can start another game by pressing the "New Game" button.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It is free
  • It occupies a very small part of the screen


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